Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lagoon, Aquatic Center, Splash Pad, Repeat

I am very motivated by fun.  I feel it is essential for me to get out of the house every day, and my kids seem to do so much better if we don't spend too much time at home.  I find it easier on my nerves to be out of the house as well because the alternative is watching my children 1) mess up/destroy the house or 2) micromanage their activities to keep order.  Both drive me crazy!!

We are all more productive if we are looking forward to an outing.  I like that I can motivate the kids to get their morning chores, reading, piano practice, etc. done by creating an afternoon incentive. In response to those needs we have planned weekly trips to Lagoon and to the Aquatic Center this summer.  Swimming was a top priority for the kids this summer, and we have done a lot of it!!

Andy, Cara, and Caleb have all gotten really brave with the high dive! We have a private swim teacher come and help then with strokes occasionally, but they are more interested in playing than learning.

Johnny has become really brave and independent as well.  He does awesome with a life jacket and he is brave enough that he goes to the top of the slide, indicates that he needs to be caught, and comes down, all by himself, when no one else is willing to go with him.  Not bad for a child that just turned 3.  I love independence!!

I had to include the picture of Ali too because she is such a cute little swimmer.  She and Johnny both LOVE their lessons and are so anxious to learn.  I keep them in life jackets because they are a little too confident, but it won't be long until they are swimming on their own.

Having Lagoon season passes has been a real treat.  I thought I'd be more burned out than I am.  I actually enjoy getting out of the house and going to Lagoon.  I've found that if I leave here around 2:00 with everyone in swim suits we can enjoy the hottest part of the day at Lagoon-a-beach.  I like to sit in the lazy river on a tube and Johnny and Ali "swim" near me in their life jackets.  It is relaxing and cool and then we spend the evening, from 6-10 or so doing the rides.  It makes for a late night, but a great day! I think I especially like it because we usually go with friends.  Our neighbor friends also got tickets this year so we go with the Campbell's, the Knight's, or the Holman's.

This is the only picture I have with Caleb.  He is too tall for the "kiddy" rides so he takes a cell phone and a friend and goes on the "big kid" rides.  It has taken all summer for him to get brave enough to go one most everything, but I think he has overcome most of the rides he was fearful of.  

Another place we've gone frequently, almost weekly, this summer is the splash pad.  There is a new one just a mile from our house.  The price can't be beat: FREE. And you don't have to worry about kids in the water.  I get a really big kick out of watching Johnny trying to drink from the jetted fountains.

Ali doesn't have enough body fat to keep her warm so she spends a lot of time laying on the hot concrete to warm up.

Almost daily you can find the kids jumping on the tramp with the sprinkler going.  It is not uncommon for them to change back into their suits after a day at the pool or splash pad, to jump on the tramp with neighbors or friends in the evening.

When things are slow, which isn't often, you'll find the girls out on the deck doing crafts.  (Yes, this is the kind of mess I try to avoid by going out.)  They love art.  Cara is bugged that she doesn't have a crafty mom, but she sneaks in crafting whenever she can.  Cara and Ali are doing a little neighborhood art camp twice a month this summer.  That helps to meet their artistic needs.

I'd say we are making the most of every minute of the summer!!

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Sounds like summer is going really well for you guys! Yeah!