Friday, May 15, 2015

I wouldn't believe it either

Our family has a new member, Humphrey, a hamster. Before spring break Providence Elementary PTA did a "one book one school" event.  Every family in the school was given the darling chapter book "Life According to Humphrey".  It is the cute story of a classroom hamster, Humphrey, told from his perspective.  Every family was encouraged to read the story on schedule.  Caleb and Cara used this opportunity to talk me into allowing them to get their own pet hamster.

I have often told the story of Josh walking out of Walmart with two smiling children (Caleb age 4 and Cara age 2) and a couple of gold fish.  I was pregnant with Andy at the time and NOT INTERESTED in taking care of fish!  Josh presented the argument that they probably wouldn't live through the week. I knew that there was potential of them living a very long time, but either way, I didn't want them to die or to live. We had agreed to no pets and I wasn't getting in the car with gold fish.  I took the bag of fish, and the food, and  I marched into Walmart customer service and returned them.  I wasn't even interested in a refund.  

A lot of things have changed since that time six years ago.  Mostly, Caleb and Cara have grown up and they can take care of the hamster.  They also purchased him and all of his equipment and food.  They have been told that if they don't take care of him he will be sold on KSL Classifieds and be out of here as quickly as he came.  Another interesting fact about hamsters is that their life expectancy is two years.  We are not look at an extremely long term pet.

We have had him for about a month.  He has become very friendly and allows the children to hold him.  They love caring for him.  Cara has been so diligent saving her money, but she for the first time ever she has found something worth spending money on.  She buys him special treats and toys.  So far so good. The kids have LOVED him!

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