Monday, April 6, 2015

Am I a pushover?

Does this look like a "non-birthday-party" to you?  This is our "off" year, so the compromise was to have a game night with Cara's friends, rather than a birthday party.  They are cute girls.  It was fun to have them over for a game night, in honor of her birthday, rather than a birthday party.

We didn't even have cake and ice cream at the game night, but you'd better believe we celebrated with lots of yummy treats.  Her actual birthday was on Sunday so she had a couple days of celebration. 

The best gift she received was a sewing machine from Grandma Iva.
Thank goodness for you tube to teach her how to use is.

Here is a sampling of the projects she made in the first few hours.

It was also Cara's class science fair the week of her birthday.  She chose to make stained glass sugar.  

Ali's class had a family pajama party.  
She has been lucky to participate in the USU preschool lab this year.

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