Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I'm Learning to Like Halloween

I have been making a very conserted effort to enjoy every phase and part of my life and to live more fully in joy.  Consequently I even did my best to embrace and enjoy celebrating Halloween with my kids.  We had a good time.  I dressed up again, and that helps me to have more fun.  Cara was Draculara, a monster high doll.  

Caleb was a "storm trouper deluxe."  Yes the package said deluxe so he added that to his costume title.

Andy was a koala in the morning and then a shark in the afternoon.  He and Ali had so many options they could have dressed up as something different almost every day of the month.

Ali had her mind SET on being a Pink Power Ranger.  She never threw a fit about it, but she was very consistent all month in saying that was what she was going to be.  Unfortunately I couldn't find a pink power ranger costume small enough to fit her, maybe next year.  She was very happy being Abby Cadabby on the big day.

Johnny was an adorable duck!

We went on a lot of fun Halloween outings, including the pumpkin walk.  Josh carved some AMAZING pumpkins with the kids while I was at the temple one Saturday.  I was glad to avoid it, and he did a way better job than I would have.  Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures.

I decided to include these pictures of the kids sizes.  It reminds me of how quickly they grow and reminds me that I have to seize the day. 

The kids had a lot of opportunities to celebrate and to dress up.  Andy's preschool had a Halloween program.  Ali was happy to fully participate. 

Cara had a Halloween violin and piano and recital.

Ali's singing group did a Halloween performance.

It has all been fun.  Especially the daily sugar rush!!


Kar said...

Good for you for trying to enjoy Halloween. You're a good mom. And those costumes are awesome!!

The Ravsten's said...

Happy Halloween forever and ever!

Diane said...

You have some mad face-painting skills!