Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Football Season #1

Caleb and I have been battling about him starting football for a few years.  He finally agreed to play flag football when he realized his choice was that or soccer.  (I feel like he is still a little young for the time commitment associated with tackle football.)  Flag football has been a joy for all of us.  It was like he was living a dream when the season started.  There was even a rainbow over his first game.   

He loved everything about playing football.  He would like to be a little more physical, but flag football seemed to be a great compromise.

This is a portion of his team.  He's too happy to make a game face, but he was really fun to watch.  He as fast on his feet and even better with his arm. 

He was a fantastic quarterback.  He seems to be gifted with his arm.  He took pride in being known as the passing quarterback of the team.  He's teammates even gave him the nickname of Manning, some big time quarterback. 
Hike . . . 

Running-back taking position . . . 

Pass. . . 

And Touchdown!

It was a really fun season!!

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