Friday, May 31, 2013

Busy Mamma

I've taken busy to a whole new level for me these last couple of months.  I thrive on feeling busy and important so it has been wonderfully refreshing for me.  I'm ready to get back to focusing on my family, but it has been a fantastic experience.  For the past three months my business has been reimbursing a portion of my flight and driving expenses when I go to teach essential oil classes.  I've been to Alaska, California, Montana, Boston, Long Island, Seattle, West Virginia (twice), and Connecticut (twice).  It has been so fun to see old friends and to make new ones.  It has been awesome to help my essential oil business grow and to be a part of creating miracles for people by introducing them to these powerful healing oils.

As much as I enjoy traveling it's just not as fun without Josh.  I wish that I could have taken him with me!  I took the ferry from Long Island to Connecticut.  It was beautiful, but being alone it's almost as if it never happened so I thought I'd include a picture so I can remember.  I have seen and done some amazing things.  The best part has been reconnecting with old friends.  I thank them for trusting me enough to let me teach them and those they love about essential oils.

It has been especially crazy this month as I taught my Joy School rotation for the semester.  The kids are so cute, but all they want to do this time of year is play.  I couldn't agree more.  I want to play too.

We have also successfully completed the end of they year recitals and celebrations. Cara (front left, pink dress) is loving her suzuki music school so we took the plunge and got her a violin this week.  This morning she was trying to practice at the same time Caleb was practicing the piano.  I didn't like the fight that resulted, but it makes me so happy to have them involved and learning music.

Caleb and Cara have had great teachers this year.  Caleb's teacher, Mrs Rees, has really gone the extra mile with science projects and making learning fun.  Today for the last day of school they had "parting pancakes."  Mrs Rees sent some pictures as she often does.

Caleb's class dissected owl pellets a couple of weeks ago.

They also had a science fair (not my favorite project of the year). Caleb did his project on how sound waves change with low and high pitches.  They did a lot of great things.  I am so thankful my children have had fantastic teachers.

Cara's teacher, Mrs Miller obviously loves Cara and has gone the extra mile to help her with all of the resources she possibly could to be successful at reading.

For the last day of school our neighbors, the Millers, had a party.  They rented a bounce house, had cotton candy and lots of friends and fun.  Ready or not it is officially summer vacation!

One thing I've become more aware of as I've traveled outside of Utah is how unusual it is to have five children.  Apparently it is the new 12.  For those of you who wonder if number five gets any attention this picture should answer your question.  The whole family was there to cheer him on when he took his first crawl.  He may not get as much individual attention from his parents, but he gets a ton of attention.  He started crawling at 11.5 months.  Now I remember why I'm glad to have children that take their time to get moving.  He has already started pulling things out of drawers and destroying (or eating) anything he can get his hands on.  Good thing he is so dang cute!!

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