Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween - Check

The good witch. (It was hard to choose a picture from all of her great poses.)

The not quite as good witch that finally decided to smile once she realized I was taking pictures.

 You see my point with the good witch thing. : )

The just happy to be alive lion.

The Aggie Football Player, need I say more.

 The whole gang enjoying the fruits of their labors.  
Connie took them trick-or-treating and earned (and took) her share in the loot.  
Josh enjoyed answering the door with a "ho-ho-ho" and a "I'll be back in a couple of months."

Caleb enjoying his first experience with power tools of course supervised by Grandma Iva.

 Cara busied herself using every kind of Grandmas sparkles on the fall cookies.

Just for the record the kids carved pumpkins too.  They did a couple with the Kirks and one with Connie.  Luckily I avoided it all together this year.


Erica said...

They all look so cute!!!

neil said...

those witches look soooo cuteLUV YA'

connieodessa said...

I literally cant lift my arms from carrying Ali around for an hour and a half....Andy was cute when he would get to the door (after caleb and cara ditched us) he would nock and just smile. I would say "andy, what do you say?" he said "Thank you!" I said "trick or treat silly..." Then he would say it! He has very good manners...Ali also would not let me hold her bucket she HAD to carry it and was SO CUTE walking up the the door :)

The Ravsten's said...

Are you a halloween scrooge? I guess I never knew that?! Your kids are darling. Glad they had a lot of fun! See you in a few weeks! Love you. Em:)

Cathie said...

Cute! I think Connie needs to move up North!

Kar said...

That cracks me up that Josh dressed as Santa and let the kiddos know he'd be back in a couple of months. And I love the pic where Ali is the not-so-good witch. Classic. :)

Diane said...

The "not so good" witch sure has a cute smile though!