Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Year of the Rabbit

Last Saturday we went to the USU Chinese New Year celebration. For some reason Caleb has been obsessed with the Chinese culture lately so I thought it would be a fun cultural experience. We have a couple in our neighborhood that imigrated from China and they have a girl Caleb's age. They have hosted a chess club and helped some of the children learn chess. They invited us to the celebration where they were performing.

Caleb was very paitent in learning to use chop sticks.

Andy even gave chop sticks a try and then decided to go with his fingers.

Cara loved the pot stickers.

It was excited when Caleb's name was drawn for the raffle. He had to play a game of musical chairs with 8 other adults (all Chinese) and one other child. He won the game! It was fun for him.

Caleb even wants to learn to speak Chinese. He is going through a phase that he is very interested in languages. Last week his library books were "The first 1000 words in Italian" and "Speaking Japanese". I told him that I would look for a language learning program that he could work on this summer. I said "why don't you learn Spanish. It would be a little easier." He doesn't care. He is dead set on learning Chinese. I may still talk him into Spanish, but for now we will take his obsession with China one day at a time.

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Karlenn said...

Hey, I think him learning Chinese is a really good idea - so much of America's business is done there. Aaaand, maybe they'll someday open it for missionaries!!!