Monday, August 4, 2008

Kid Heaven

Caleb and Cara went to kid heaven this week while Josh and I enjoyed a piece of paradise in the Virgin Islands. The kids spent most of the week at my parents with their cousins (Cathie’s kids, Colter, Emi, and Corbin). They also spent a few days at Cathie’s house causing her all kinds of stress. She says that five kids five and under are to many!! Thanks so much to my mom, Cathie, and Connie for tending!

Last week was the Famous Preston Night Rodeo so the kids got to enjoy three nights of parade, carnival, and on Friday night Grandma and Grandpa even took them to the rodeo. Anticipating seeing the “bunking” bulls has been the highlight of July for Caleb. He loved it and has been playing “bunking” bulls ever sense. Unfortunately among the kids he is always the bull, but he sure knows how to buck people off.

Gratefully, Cathie is good about pulling out the camera and capturing the moment. Following are a few of my favorite photos from while we were gone.

My mom got a new truck, and Caleb thought it was the greatest thing ever to ride in the back. The kids all love it.

The kids got to ride the horses. I am certain that my dad would have never allowed us to go in sandles or bare foot, but I guess the grandkids can get away with anything.

Cara got decked out for the rodeo. I think she makes a fine cow girl especially when Aunt Connie curls her hair.

Of course you can't go to the farm during hay season without doing a little old fashion work!

When you are four and five hauling hay takes some super powers.

With all of that work and fun a cookout is always welcome!

A dirty kid is a kid who is having fun!

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Karlenn said...

Cara looks so much like you, Carrie!! What a wonderful mom and sister, to watch your kids for you. Seriously. I don't think my mom and sister would do that.