Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer Happenings

Now that we have our new blog figured out it is about time for me to update you on the summer happenings. I am feeling much better as long as I stay on Zofran, my medication for throwing-up, I am hardly sick at all. There is nothing like feeling really sick to make you feel great once you’re are better. Time is going really fast for me in this pregnancy as I am doing my best to enjoy my cute kids through the summer. My motto for the summer is: “IF YOU MISS THE BOAT WITH YOUR KIDS, YOU MISS THE BOAT.” I am trying to take every moment to enjoy teaching my little ones and watching them learn and grow. I have even slept in a tent twice this summer in order to provide good experiences with them. (For me that is a huge stretch.) Sense pictures say a thousand words the following should give you a good idea of what we have been up to this summer.

We have spent a lot of time this summer with family. We love having Cathie and her kids only an hour away. There is something special about cousins. Cody makes a great horse, and all of the kids want to ride him at once. It is good practice sense he and Stephanie are expecting a baby in January. Connie took over Sami's room in the basement as Sami is no longer with us. We love having Connie. We only wish we saw her more often.

Caleb has his own special style. My mom couldn't believe that I let him go to the grocery store dressed like this. I figure there are far more important battles. He is mister social. To be home without a friend for even an hour is like torture to him. When he wakes up in the morning the first words out of his mouth are "who can come over and play today" and then he lists off all of his friends and neighbors while I make up silly excuses as to why it just wont work out, at least for a couple hours. He just can't get enough of friends.

Cara is such a joy. She brings me so much happiness as her personality is friendly and ambitious, yet easy going. She is so easy to get along with even for a two year old. The hardest thing about Cara is her independence. She insists on doing up her seat belt herself which can take a long time, and moving the car before she has finished her project is not acceptable. Her speech is improving, and although there are few words, she loves to sing primary songs. She gives Caleb a run for his money as she isn't afraid of anything!

Cara loves to wear her sun glasses. Grandpa Neil calls her Hollywood as she struts around in her glasses knowing how great she looks. The kids have gotten really comfortable with swimming this summer. I try to take them once a week. We went to Glendale Reservoir, near my parents home a few weeks ago. Caleb and Cara both had their life jackets on. Cara jumped off the dock over and over even without anyone to catch her. She would simply paddle and kick to someone to help her back on so that she could jump again. On the other hand Caleb sat right in the middle of the dock, sweating in the heat, wondering and talking about sharks or other unknown critters that may be in the water to get him. He finally showed his bravery and got in the water as we were all leaving.

I sure love my silly kids.


sorichfamily said...

i love you new blog carrie!! so great! and i love your motto for the summer! i try to live that way most every makes it easier knowing that you are really savoring every minute with them. i really like caleb's style...very cool and boyish! it is so funny the things they come up with! and that cara is so beautiful and fun. you have the cutest kiddos! i can't wait to see the new addition! and i'm so happy you are using the meds...and feeling better!!! we sure do love you! have a fun summer!

Karlenn said...

Caleb is so very cautious! That's cute. So Sami moved? How fun that Connie is staying with you guys. How old is Connie now?