Monday, March 17, 2008

Birthday Princess

Cara turned TWO on Saturday. She was a cute little birthday princess.
Princess Cara

We are looking forward to "the terrific twos." She really is a great kid.
Cara Cake

She has been so cute with me sense I have been sick. She gets me her blankets when I am laying down. I can't decide if she thinks she is my nurse or my mommy. She tries to feed me and she is always sweetly touching my face or hair and affectionately saying "mommy". She is a sweet little girl, but she knows how to keep up and be tough like the boys. On Friday we had five boys at our house four and under. Cara had no clue that she was any different than them. At one point I saw her chasing after them with a helmet and a gun. As they were wrestling that day I also had to peal her off of a four year old boy who was crying because she wouldn't get off of him and later a three year old boy. Caleb has taught her to wrestle with the best of them. She has also added the word "chout" aka "watch out" to her vocabulary. She always throws an elbow at her brother as she says it.

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